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Our work with the client consists of several stages:

1. We identify our client’s needs and suggest that our client’s choose necessary tools, including programming languages and development environment suitable for project aims, for completing the project on time and staying within a budget.

2. As a rule we do our work for a week free of charge to give our clients an opportunity to assess the quality of our work, to determine project development time and cost. At this stage we also describe the project and define project parameters.

3. Then we design a project prototype that functions as it was described at the previous stage. This stage also implies definition of project final functionality and addition feature.

4. We test the project, deliver it to the customer and provide long-term support and maintenance of the project if it’s necessary.

XSD team has exceptional skills in the following fields:

1) Web-design
2) Search engine optimization in Dallas-Forth Wort area

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